Core Competencies

By using powerful tools, the Business Engineering Group (BEG) supports its customers

  • ‣ for changes, e. g. Transformation, Business Innovation, Change, Skills Development, Projects (BEG & Partners AG),

  • ‣ in improving their performance, e. g. measure success, compare themselves in its industry, learn from the best (BEG Analytics AG),

  • ‣ through leadership capacity, e. g. in projects or temporarily in line management (BEG Management AG).

Business Engineering

The services of BEG are based on the methods of St. Gallen Business Engineering for the systematic analysis, design and implementation of strategic, organizational and technological changes as well as the subsequent operation. BEG attaches particular importance to human factors and therefore incorporates the latest findings from psychology and sociology for change management.

Services & Products

BEG's companies specialise in the following areas, among others.


Corporate and specialist strategies, from situation analysis to conception and operationalisation, development of new business models


Process management,
change management,
lean management, etc.

IT Management

IT strategy, IT organization,
IT service management, sourcing,
public tenders, technical concepts
and requirement analyses


Project setup, interim management
of change and IT projects,
development of project portfolio management, project reviews

Management &

Interim management,
for example COO,
CFO, participation in committees, etc.

Quality &
Risk Management

Assumption of QS / RM in projects,
development of QM / RM / BCM in companies,
certification etc.

Benchmarking Communities

IT, procurement & logistics, gastronomy, cleaning, large-scale projects, development of key figures and maturity models,
individual analyses (e. g. costs)

Research & Innovation

Consortium research on the success factors of mega-projects in CC KEY, KTI projects, prototypes, maturity models, supervision of studies, master's and doctoral theses.

Software Engineering

Requirements engineering,
Web applications and portals,
DB optimization

Typical situations of our customers

In addition to its core business, the management of a plant engineering company wants to expand the additional added value with services and parts into an independent business area.
A BoD committee wants to assess the prospects of success of a strategically important project and, where applicable, to receive proposals for measures.
A hospital management must be able to make major investments over the next few years and requires a financing concept.
The management body of an industry association decides to become a consulting company for its members.
The division manager of a general contractor wants to position his construction services in new business areas.
The members of an ERFA group want to improve their performance through benchmarks.
A CIO wants to align the services of his IT organization more clearly with the business and its digitalization potential.
The management of a multistage car dealer wants to use the synergies between its divisions through shared services.
The Board of Directors of a leading national engineering company wants to focus its services increasingly on internationally active and foreign customers.
The client of a mega-project wants to have the work of the project's management bodies optimally designed and supported.
The Directorate of Public Administration must implement the EU Services Directive.
The management of a retailer wants to seize the opportunities of digitalization.
The CFO of an international corporation wants to introduce a harmonized ERP system in order to be financially accurate at all times.